Torch Phantom Blend 3.5g PHC-D + D9 + THC-P Disposable Vapes

Introducing the all-new Torch Phantom Blend Disposable! This device is incorporated with a proprietary blend of 3 powerful cannabinoids: PHC, delta-9 THC, and THC-P. By fusing more than 1 cannabinoid into a single disposable, it produces what is known as the entourage effect. This is when they work together to induce a very potent experience. The distillate is also blended with naturally-derived terpenes for mouth-watering flavors with every hit.

Torch disposables are crafted using the latest innovative technology. By doing this, they’re able to create consistently effective products with little to no defects such as clogging, leaking, or faulty batteries- making your experience as good as it can get. The device’s ceramic coil allows for smoother and more flavorful hits. They’re also USB-C rechargeable, so you can enjoy every last hit it provides.

Torch Phantom Blend Disposables are offered in 10 extremely potent sought-after strains such as Wedding Crasher and Zookies. Hybrid, sativa, and indica options are available so you can get the exact effect you desire.


Product Features:

  • 4200 doses per device
  • 3.5 grams of PHC, Delta-9 THC, and THC-P distillate blend
  • Naturally-derived terpenes
  • Rechargeable with Type-C
  • Pre-heat feature
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Made in the USA with industrial hemp

Zookies (Hybrid), Mango Mimosa (Hybrid), White Gushers (Indica), Butter Cake (Indica), Platinum Runtz (Indica), Space Mints (Indica), Blueberry Slushie (Sativa), Bubblegum Haze (Sativa), Purple Tangie (Sativa), Wedding Crasher (Sativa)


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