About Us

Established in 1999

This beautiful bubbler is just one of the many functional glass art pieces we have to choose from in our amazing collection of American-made artisan pipes.

We started as a little hole in the wall down the road a little ways on Vine St. in Tyler, Tx in 1999 as a combination smoke shop and tattoo shop. From there we moved to our bigger location on Vine St. in 2002 and ended up opening 3 other locations in Nacogdoches, Bedford, and further north of Tyler on Hwy 271, although we eventually downsized back to just our one location on Vine St. in Tyler, TX.

Dragon’s Breath is its own magical realm of smoke culture. As a company who has been around for years, we embrace the old classic 1960’s hippie ways of smoking and cross over into the new-age hipster x hip-hop x alternative nature of our industry. In our shop, you will see products ranging from the classic wood, metal, ceramic and acrylic pipes to the new-found silicone pipes. In our renowned glass pipe collection, you will find a vast selection of American-made glass pipes in every shape and color imaginable, ranging from prices under $20 up to and including very expensive and intricate artisan-made Functional Glass Art, which we call “Headies.” Whether you are an old “head” looking for classics or a new-age aficionado, we have precisely what you are looking for.

Our Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Dragon’s Breath Smoke Shop to provide distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service in our industry: to provide a friendly, clean, safe and relaxed environment for our employees and customers; and to constantly strive to improve the services we offer.

Our goal is simple – To offer the highest quality service available in our industry in a friendly, safe and clean atmosphere; as well as to learn the most knowledge about our products and happening news in our industry and to share that knowledge with our customers and peers in the industry.

Our goals are accomplished by a commitment from every employee.

Our core values include:

  • Honesty – Honesty to our customers about our products
  • Integrity – Offering fair market value of our products to our customers
  • Knowledge – Offering as much knowledge as possible about our products and about happenings in our industry to our customers
  • Patriotism – Supporting our local and domestic artists and companies as much as possible

#SECRET-SAUCE: Mention the phrase “DB 4 Life!” at check-out and receive 5% off your purchase!

-- Dragon's Breath Crew

The team that makes the magic happen. Come see why Dragons Breath is THE best smoke shop in East Texas.

Employee Of The Month: Lauren! 

Lauren has been working with us for 12 years and is our Vice President/Store Manager! She does everything under the sun including (but not limited to) building and updating our entire website, all of the ordering, employee training, product research, product testing (wink wink!), running any errands we need, as well as of course providing our customers with the best service in East Texas. She is dedicated to our mission and our shared passion! Stop in and give Lauren some love! You will commonly find her at her desk by the disposable nicotine vapes. 

PS: She loves visits from her favorite spunky cutomers, so don’t be afraid to interupt her hard work… she doesn’t know when to rest.