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  • Smoker Starter Kit
    Concentrate Accessories

    Rolling/Dabbing Starter Kit

    This Rolling/Dabbing Starter Kit comes complete with a grinder, a cigarillo splitter, some hemp wick, flavored hemp tips, a silicone jar, terp beads and a metal dab tool! These tools are compact and discreet!

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  • ATX Glassworks Green Smoke Stone
    American Glass Hand Pipes

    ATX Glassworks Smoke Stone

    ATX Glassworks brings back the classic smoke stones in glass form! These are used as a handle and mouthpiece for your hand rolled smokes! (The original glass tip!) Simply put your hand-rolled in one end and smoke out of the other end to keep your hands from getting burnt or smelly! You can smoke your pre-roll all the way down. The glass smoke stone is easy to clean with some alcohol and salt or a glass cleaner designed for cleaning your pipes.

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  • Raw Toker's Mask

    Raw Toker’s Mask

    Designed with a magnetic clasp for easy access, this Raw Toker’s Mask allows you to take a smoke break through a mouth hole in the mask! Crazy, but so convenient! Raw is simply the best!

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  • Raw Terracotta Hydrostone
    Rolling Accessories

    Raw Terracotta Hydrostone

    Keep your stash fresh with the RAW Hyrdrostone! Made from uncoated natural terracotta clay, the humidifying stone is kiln baked. It was originally developed to keep tobacco fresh on ships during the early days of modern trade.

    Allow the stone to soak in water for 5 minutes. Then place it with your tobacco or herbs. It will keep your material fresh for a very long time. It can even bring old dried material back to life and is 100% reusable. Serious game changer brought back from the past!!

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  • Raw Slim Cellulose Filters - 200 Pack Bag
    Rolling Accessories

    Raw Slim Cellulose Filter Tips – 200pk

    RAW Slim Cellulose filters are made from plant cellulose and have an easier draw than the cotton filters. They’re truly RAW and give an old classic experience to modern smokers. What I’m trying to explain is that these are similar to crepe paper filters that were produced at the turn of the century. Raw brought these back as a connection to the older more natural way of smoking and most really enjoy the flavor a lot more than conventional filters. Hard to explain in words but try them and you’ll understand!

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  • Raw Pre-Rolled Tips - 100 Pack Tin Box
    Rolling Accessories

    Raw Pre-Rolled Tips – 100pk Tin Box

    RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are made from pure vegan-friendly fibers, and now come in a handy slide-top tin for easy access and organization. Each Pre-Rolled Tip in the RAW Pre-Rolled Tips Tin is perfectly round and features internal support for lasting strength and strong base for your precious rolls.

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  • Raw Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 Pack
    Rolling Accessories

    Raw Pre-Rolled Tips – 21pk

    RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are one of their U.S.A. patented inventions and we are extremely proud of them! Raw made these based on a request from a friend so that they could roll up quicker and for patients who had difficulty in holding and rolling up an uncoiling tip. All RAW Pre-Rolled Tips were rolled by hand for the first few years until demand became ludicrous and a machine was finally engineered to pre-roll the tips for us!

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  • Raw Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips - 100 Pack Box
    Rolling Accessories

    Raw Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips – 100pk Box

    RAW Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips are the ultimate foundation for building your own soundly constructed, handcrafted cones for a hassle-free smoking experience. Hand rolled in Bali, Indonesia – each tip is carefully cut and pre-rolled following the natural grain of the fibers to ensure a perfectly round tip for every cone. Yes, these are still hand-rolled!

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  • Raw x No Jumper Kendama
    Adult Novelty and Fetish

    Raw x No Jumper Kendama

    As seen on the No Jumper interview with Josh Kesselman, now you can have your own Limited Edition RAW x No Jumper Kendama. Raw has taken this traditional Japanese skill toy and put a RAW spin on it.

    • Taller and thicker spike
    • Bigger cups for added balance
    • Wider bevel for dialing stalls
    • Improved lunar balance hold
    • Extra-long cut-to-size string
    • Maple ken beech Tama w/toke hole.
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