Rockin’ A Glass 5″ Wigwag Frit & Fume Spoon Pipe

This beautiful glass pipe was made by Rockin’ A Glass in Gresham, TX. It was made by melting frit (tiny shards of glass) into clear glass, then fumed with gold. Because this pipe was fumed with gold, its coloring will slightly change the more it gets used.

The colorful “wigwag” pattern on the front of the pipe adds vibrant playful vibes. In laymen’s terms, the wigwag pattern is made by melting long and skinny different colored glass rods together to make colorful and contrasting line tubing. And then the glass blower starts turning, twisting, and pulling that line tubing back and forth in small sections to make that wavy look. It takes a bit of prep work, which is why pipes with this pattern are usually a bit more expensive.

Product Features:

  • Made be Rockin’ A Glass in Gresham, TX
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made with sturdy American Borosilicate Glass
  • Carb Location: Left
  • Approximately 5″ long.


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