Rockin’ A Glass 5″ Fumed Honeycomb Spoon Pipe

This beautiful glass pipe was made by Rockin’ A Glass in Gresham, TX. This spoon pipe was fumed with gold to give it that nice golden color with a honeycomb pattern on the front. Because of the gold fuming, the coloring of the pipe will change the more it is used. This pipe also has a cute flower-shaped glass “millie” encased in a clear marble on the right side of the bowl.

Fun Fact: Glass millies are a form of glass art made using a technique like the one used to make hard candy slices. Glass rods are carefully placed layer upon layer to create a low-resolution image. The glass is heated/melted and stretched into one long rod, condensing the image into a higher resolution, sharpening the image. These rods are slice into chips, known as millie chips.

Product Features:

  • Made be Rockin’ A Glass in Gresham, TX
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made with sturdy American Borosilicate Glass
  • Carb Location: Left
  • Approximately 5″ long.


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