Rockin’ A Glass 5″ Frit & Fume Spoon Pipe with Honeycomb

This beautiful glass pipe was made by Rockin’ A Glass in Gresham, TX. It was made by melting frit (tiny shards of glass) into clear glass, then fumed with gold. Because this pipe was fumed with gold, its coloring will change the more it gets used. This pipe also has a fumed honeycomb pattern on the front as well as a Grateful Dead Skull millie encased in a clear marble to the right of the bowl. The carb is located on the left of the bowl.

Fun Fact: Glass millies are a form of glass art made using a technique like the one used to make hard candy slices. Glass rods are carefully placed layer upon layer to create a low-resolution image. The glass is then heated/melted and stretched into one long rod, condensing the image into a higher resolution, sharpening the image. These rods are slice into chips, known as millie chips.

Product Features:

  • Made be Rockin’ A Glass in Gresham, TX
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made with sturdy American Borosilicate Glass
  • Carb Location: Left
  • Approximately 5″ long.


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