Medusa HXC Disposable Vapes (2 Flavors Available!)

The Medusa HXC disposable vape has 2000mg of industrial hemp derived HHC plus all-natural terpenes.

What is HXC? Also known as HHC, Hexahydrocannabinol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid very similar to THC in structure and effects. HXC provides a more clear-headed and active high than its THC cousins– it is perfect for daytime, on-the-go relaxation. Hemp-derived HHC/HXC is legal in all 50 states in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. See our HHC blog article to learn more about this exciting new psychoactive cannabinoid.

Product Features:

  • 2g/2mL/2000mg of HHC/HXC
  • All-Natural Terpenes
  • Rechargeable with micro-usb charger (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Available in GMO (Hybrid) and AK-47 (Sativa)


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