Blockhead Cobalt & UV Encalmo Spoon Pipe

This Blockhead spoon pipe is cobalt blue with a blue UV section on the front of the bowl that glows in the black light! This technique used to fuse the 2 different colors of glass together is called an Encalmo. In order to make encalmo pieces, the glassblower preps encalmo sections of whatever colors they’d like to work with. This process is slow and steady, as glassblowers repeatedly stack colors on the flame and then condense down the sections. Once the tube is smooth and even, it’s ready to be worked into a piece!

“Incalmo” literally means “graft” in Venetian, and that’s the perfect word to describe this technique. In order to make an encalmo piece, glassblowers must work two separate bubbles of glass and then join them together.In order to join the separate parts, glassblowers open the end of each bubble and join them in the flame. The joining is particularly difficult because the lips of both bubbles must be identical sizes to be joined correctly. Traditional encalmo vases and receptacles feature two or three different colored sections joined together. Contemporary functional glass pieces often feature several encalmo sections, creating a one-of-a-kind spectrum of color.

Product Features:

  • Glows in the black light!!!
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made in East Texas.
  • Made with sturdy American borosilicate Glass.
  • Approximately 5″ long.
  • Carb Location: Left.


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