Big Bambu Classic Rolling Papers

Big Bambu is made in Spain with natural glue. Bambu, one of the of the world’s oldest companies, opened its doors
in 1764, originally making Bible paper. Noticing the increasing popularity of
cigarette paper in Europe, Bambu shifted production to manufacture The
World’s Finest Rolling Papers, always striving to stay ahead of the rapidly
growing competition.

The success factor for the company was their natural approach to the
manufacturing of their products, specifically the natural gum sealer that is
used. Made from a specific type of the African Acacia tree, the sealer tip is
a completely chemical free substance, with no additives of any kind.
Passing the highest known food standards the gum has neither taste nor
calories. This allows the paper user to experience and enjoy their tobacco
in it’s most natural state.

Here in America, Bambu was a huge hit in the 1900’s appearing in movies,
television, and on the back of buses as part of a mobile advertising campaign,
the company was number one with a bullet. Unfortunately, the ” Just say no ”
80’s put a halt to advertising, but could not hinder the popularity of Bambu
papers. Today you can still walk into any convenience store or gas station and
find a fresh box behind the clerk, proving that the Bambu name lives on through
their reputation of their quality paper products.

Big Bambu Classic rolling papers comes with 33 leaves per booklet and the papers measure 2.5×3.75 inches each.


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