Swisher Sweets Leaf Original Cigarillos

These rugged sticks are rolled with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper in the good ol’ US of A! Swisher Sweets Leaf is the perfect option for Backwoods fans looking to save a little coin while still getting that top notch quality flavor. Tried and true classics, Swisher Sweets Cigars have remained one of the world’s top-selling machine brands since they were first introduced in the late 1800s; It’s simply a well-made, great tasting affordable line of cigars that never goes out of style. Still available in the storied original all tobacco blend, the Swisher portfolio has changed over the years to include luscious chocolate, cherry, peach, and other exotic flavorings that will appeal to smokers with a sweet tooth. Acclaimed for their classic cigarillo sizes, these top-notch cigars also feature a Blunt, Corona, Perfecto, and Giants for those who prefer a larger ring gauge. Sold in affordable boxes, various sized packs, and cartons, Swisher Sweets Cigars offer a highly satisfying mellow bodied smoking experience that’s second to none!

Swisher Sweets Leaf Original cigarillos come in pack of 3 encased in a foil package to keep them extra fresh!


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