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  • Ghost Extrax Double Up Disposable 7g - Strawberry Shortcake & Rainbow Runtz

    Ghost Extrax Double Up 3.5g Disposables (7g Total!)

    In this epic collaboration between two of the industry’s leading brands, you’ll get the opportunity to experience a disposable vape that is truly unmatched. Ghost Extracts and Delta Extrax have come together as one to develop a duo of disposables that generate extraordinary effects, amazing tastes, and great performances, all while maintaining the convenience you’ve come to love from these two hit brands.

    What are Ghost Extrax Double Up Disposables? The Ghost Extrax Double Up Disposable Vape is a 2-pack of premium disposable vaping devices available in 3 options to choose from. With this incredible offer and collaboration, you’ll have the opportunity to experience both brands, a device from Ghost Extracts and a device from Delta Extrax. Each disposable contains a 3.5-gram cannabinoid blend of THCA, HXY9-THC, and Delta 9, totaling 7000mg per pack. It’s the double-up you’ve been waiting for! Each pack contains 2 amazing strains and your choice of Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. The disposables feature a viewing window, an integrated rechargeable battery, and a draw-activated firing mechanism to amplify the convenience of using the device.

    The Ghost Extrax Double Up Disposable Vape is an awesome pairing of devices that we just know you’ll enjoy. You will experience an amazing performance, delicious flavors, and effects that will surely send you to the moon and back. Double up and partake in a new adventure of enjoyment with this exciting new Ghost Extrax collection.

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  • Hemp Products

    Cali Green Gold 1g THCA Diamonds

    Out of all the legal hemp derived products on the market, Cali Green Gold’s THCA Diamonds are the purest, strongest and easiest to use. All the terpenes in their strains are cold trapped during extraction. NO fake terpenes, synthetic flavors or “blends” of weak cannabinoids.

    THCA Diamonds are crystal-like structures of nearly pure THCA extract, leaving most other cannabinoids behind. With over 98% THCA content, Diamonds are ideal for users who want a clean, great-taste experience.

    THCA affects each user differently, but many report a powerful and heady effect.

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