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  • Kush SFV OG Hemp Wrap Cones
    Hemp & Herbal Wraps

    Kush Terpene Enhanced Hemp Wrap Cones SFV OG

    Kush Cones are high quality hemp cones that have been infused and enhanced with popular cannabis terpene flavor profiles. The SFV OG, short for San Fernando Vally OG, flavor profile can be described as earthy, citrusy, fuel, herbal, piney, and sweet. Kush cones are made with 100% organically grown hemp! These cones burn slow and smooth.

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  • Futurola Tyson Ranch Blunt Cone - The Toad
    Hemp & Herbal Wraps

    Tyson Ranch & Futurola “The Toad” Blunt Cone

    Boxer Mike Tyson and Tyson Ranch have teamed up with the Amsterdam-based rolling company Futurola to launch a new line of premium rolling equipment. Introducing the Toad Blunt Cone, a natural terpene-infused blunt cone, inspired by the champ himself, that only uses legal plant terpenes.

    This is a hand-crafted, king-size blunt cone that’s tobacco-free. It’s 4.3 inches long and comes in a decorative, reusable glass tube with a screw-on cap. The Toad Blunt Cone features a patented crisscross fiber design for a slower, more even burn. This design also reduces the waste of your precious herbs and provides a more enjoyable, long-lasting smoking experience.

    This cone contains no additives and comes with a pre-installed filter tip. It’s a classy, easy-to-load pre-roll you’ll love, we’re sure!

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