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  • Ruby Drop Bucket 20mm
    Concentrate Accessories

    Ruby Drop Bucket 20mm

    Do you often have problems with keeping your quartz nail clean and shiny? A quartz insert is a great tool to use for people who hate blackened or warped bangers. The quartz insert is like a bucket that you drop inside the bangers and relies on heat transfer to vaporize your product. If you have a new quartz or a favorite banger for dabbing, using the bucket will keep the quartz clean.

    The main purpose of the quartz insert is to provide the best flavor for low-temp dabs. Because inserts don’t have direct contact with heat, it’s easier to get the right temperature for your dabs. The result is a dab full of aroma and flavor. Simply load the insert with your product. Heat the bottom of your banger until it is glowing. Wait 30 seconds. Then, drop the loaded insert into your banger. Viola!!! A tasty low-temp dab-a-roni!

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