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  • Backwoods Dark Stout Cigar - Single

    Backwoods Dark Stout Cigar – Single

    Backwoods Dark Stout cigarillos are made with 100% natural tobaccos, full-flavored stout infusions, hints of dark cocoa and the perfect amount of roasted coffee. These cigars are more than just the average tobacco taste. Backwoods represent an enticing tobacco blend with sweet and satisfying aromas. Backwoods are one of the most popular machine-made cigars on the market and are the perfect companion for any outdoor activity. Backwoods Dark Stout is limited edition, so hurry and grab a pack today! These limited-edition masterpieces measure 4 1/2 inches in length with a ring gauge 27. Backwoods Dark Stout goes great with your favorite beer.

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