Source 4 Orb – Premium Kit (Black Chrome)

As it states in its name, the Source Orb 4 Vaporizer – Premium Kit is the Premium and also the finest model from the original wax pen – the Source Orb 4. This dab pen can cater both waxy oils and wax concentrate in which the user can choose either a light vaporized hits or a denser hits in every session. With the ability of being flexible on variety of waxes, you can also choose from its 6 very unique atomizer options which are offered on coiled and bucket. This premium wax vape is also offering 8 voltage heat setting with a preset and consistent controlled temperature that you can choose from 3.2 watts to 4.8 watts. The Orb 4 vaporizer – premium from Source is very easy to use and could be considered as one of the best portable vaporizer in the market.


  • 1 Source Orb 4 Attachment
  • 1 Source Orb 4 Premium Sub-ohm Battery (8 settings)
  • 6 Source Orb 4 Series Atomizers
  • 1 Premium Tool
  • 1 Silicone Container
  • 1 Premium Charger
  • 1 USB Wall Plug


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