Bmor Selva Grape Disposable Vape

The Bmor Selva Grape diposable vape tastes like a jolly rancher candy! And uhhh… full disclosure, be sure not to forget to prime the coil by pressing down the silicone tab on the mouthpiece and wait a full 90 seconds, otherwise your vape will taste burnt and it will be very displeasant. We warn everyone that this vape is very tasty and amazing if used properly and that once you try it, you won’t want any other brand. All of the Selva line is really juicy and flavor blasted.

The Bmor Selva Grape disposable vape has 5% nicotine and 2000 puffs. This vape has a silicone tab on the mouthpiece that must be presed down all the way to prime the coil and you must then wait a full 90 seconds before you take the first puff.


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