ATX Glassworks 8″ Green Classic Beaker Waterpipe

This ATX Glassworks 8″ green beaker waterpipe is equipped with a glass on grommet style down-stem and a 9mm stemmed bowl. The bowl is fumed with silver and gold to give it a color changing effect. This glass on grommet set-up is classic and economical, as the bowl and stem are easy to replace and easy on your pockets. ATX Glassworks is located in Austin Texas.

Product Features:

  • 8″ Green Beaker Waterpipe
  • American Made
  • Made in Austin, TX
  • ATX Glassworks Logo
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 3″ Classic Glass on Grommet Downstem
  • 9mm Fumed Bowl


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