King Palm Mango OG 2pk Minis

The King Palm Mango OG flavor is a great flavor from King Palm. Simply pop the tip and enjoy the full flavor this has to offer. It tastes just like a real juicy Mango. King Palms are super easy to pack up and smoke. Simply use the wooden stick that’s included in each pack to load up your dry herbs in it. These have a natural corn husk filter with the flavor bead inside that stops your smoking herbs from getting in your mouth when you inhale.


  • Mango OG Flavor
  • 2 Pre-Rolled Mini Wraps & Tips per Pack
  • 100% Organic Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cigar Wrap
  • Holds Up to 1 Gram per Roll
  • Squeeze & Pop for Flavor
  • Tobacco-Free and Additive Free
  • Includes Boveda Pack
  • Packing Stick


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