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  • Wild Hemp Cool Menthol Hempettes
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    Wild Hemp Cool Menthol Hempettes

    Cool Menthol Hempettes have just landed! With the same high quality hemp that’s used in Wild Hemp’s original hemp cigarettes, their Menthol Hempettes are designed to add an extra level of coolness to your hempette experience! Each hempette has 75+mg of CBD and each pack of hempettes contains 1000+mg CBD. Wild Hemp Menthol Hempettes have a rich blend of terpenes in them, which provide it with a fresh smell alongside a cool menthol burst. They are made entirely from hemp that is grown in the United States, so what are you waiting for? Try them now!

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  • Wild Hemp Original Hempettes

    Wild Hemp Original Hempettes

    Wild Hemp’s Original Hempettes are the first cigarette styled CBD pre-roll in the world! Each hempette is packed full of cannabidiol and terpenes to create a delicious, aromatic flavor. They are made entirely from hemp that is grown in the United States.

    Hempettes are one of the most bioavailable ways to ingest CBD. This means that your body gets the most amount of cannabidiol possible. Each CBD cigarette is filled with around 50mg of nutritious, bioavailable CBD. Hemp helps ease restless minds day or night.

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  • Wild Hemp Sweet Hemp Cigarettes 20pk

    Wild Hemp Sweet Hempettes

    Wild Hemp’s Sweet Hempettes offer a completely unique cigarette experience. These Sweet Hempettes put a delicious spin on Wild Hemp’s tried and tested Original Hempettes. Wild Hemp Hempettes contain a broad range of cannabinoids in addition to CBD. Containing less than 0.3% THC and with a unique sweet flavor and aroma, Wild Hemp hempettes are quickly becoming a popular alternative.

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