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  • Extrax Blue Raspberry Slushy Delta-9 THC Shot

    Delta Extrax Blue Raspberry Slushie Delta-9 THC Shot

    The Delta Extrax Blue Raspberry Slushie Delta-9 Shot is perfect for relaxing after a long hard day of work! With under 0.3% Delta-9 THC from legal industrial hemp, this shot has a total of 75mg of D9-THC! This bottle screams “Drink Me!” You can find the rabbit hole yourself, Alice.

    Effects of hemp-derived delta-9 products may be delayed up to 2 hours.

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  • Sugar Extrax Best Buds THCO 2pk Vapes - Purple Pineapple & Rainbow Belts

    Sugar Extrax Best Buds 2pk THCO + D9 Disposable Vapes

    This new collaboration between Delta Extrax and Trippy Sugar is by far one of the sweetest duos in the hemp industry. Every Sugar Extrax Best Buds disposable pack contains 2 vape devices. Each disposable vape contains 2 grams of an incredible Live Resin THC-O + Delta-9 THC blend with amazing natural terpene flavors for a total of 4 grams!

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  • Torch Diamond Platinum Rosin Vape - Jet Fuel

    Torch Diamond Platinum Rosin Vapes (3 Flavors)

    The Torch Diamond Platinum Rosin disposable vape has a 2.2g proprietary blend of Delta-8, THC-O, THC-P, THC-B, CBD, CBN and <.3% delta-9 THC as well as natural terpenes! Distinguished not just by the rightly “platinum” silver lining of the box, but the fact that this vape is totally top-notch due to it having a pre-heat setting, a super smooth hit, the terpene profiles are on point, and all of the good feels that come along with it! It’s rechargeable with a Type-C charger (not included). Press the button 5 times for on and off, and 2 times for a 3 second pre-heat cycle.

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